POCALONDON Apparel launch

After only a few weeks preparation it's finally time to launch my customisation clothing line on @Depop. I launched this only weeks after beginning as I wanted it to be online as soon as possible, sold on a simple platform in a genuine light. Understandably still needing refinement I had faith from people showing so much love on my raw process artwork on Instagram that I knew it was my niche.  It clicked to me that people connect with realness and content which they can relate to.

The pieces incorporate both poetry and art together on a unique media which is clothing and accessories. I came up with the idea to illustrate onto clothing where it's both durable and unique to the other customisation brands out on the market. Poca is a nickname I was given as I have Pocahontas tattooed on my arm and London came from me just discovering myself when moving here 3 years ago. I would of used my name but I find 'Poca' a way of separating my social media presence as a blogger from my character as an illustrator. I use this as an alter ego of me being a model in one world and a artist in another. As much as they're both different I aim to continuously Incorporate the two as a holistic brand. 

Photo 15-11-2016, 07 59 19.jpg

 My clothes are all inspired by my personal experiences, emotions and just being a women. I struggle with anxiety and have my inner demons like any human being. All this is reflected in my poetry, quotes and illustrations through a beautiful visionary. I've always been fast at my craft therefore my pieces are very energetic and graphic and this has developed my illustration style throughout the years. Each piece is individual, nothing is identical but merely part of a family of clothing and cohesive styles.


As of now all my pieces will be featured and sold on DEPOP in the shop @POCALONDON.

Jade lauricePOCALONDON