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'Tiger stripes' A beautiful collaboration with the talented lady which is Kirin Sall.

I met Kirin a year before for a little street style shoot and we decided to go again with something more personal, editorial and empowering. She was asking about for models who weren't afraid to bare all. Putting there stretch marks AKA tiger stripes at the forefront; which became the concept title. 

I wasn't afraid to reveal my scars and marks to the world as I'd been showing them off already for years on instagram. Its surprising how they don't worry me with my mother who has many and has a huge insecurity about them. Plus within my culture and society Its not an attractive trait. Kirin came at the perfect time really, I'd just experienced some negative comments on a instagram photo referring to my tiger stripes. It really didn't offend me but I started to think about how my followers would see this negativity. Of corse many stood up for me but really I was mostly worried about the young girls that would view it and how it would discourage them of embracing them. For me I was the same at 16.. the biggest worry I had was how my first sexual partner would view them and how I was way too young to have them all over my ass and thighs. But guess what? no partner, guys around the pool, girls in the gym have ever noticed them and eventually neither did I. Its such a silly insecurity to have but its reality and only yourself can overcome it. 

So here is a collection images embracing these lovely tiger stripes, not removing a single one in the process. Look guys I grew an ass and these are the proof! More on www.kirinsall.com

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