Sketch book mornings ✨


Everyday I Implement art into my life and weekends I thrive waking up to it. Saturdays and Sundays are the days I have breakfast in bed listening to radio 1xtra and watercolouring into my sketch books. I always feel so relaxed on a weekend knowing my week has been successful and these are my days of rest.


My mind and body are at rest therefore I can delve into my feelings and creativity. Writing poetry along with my art work and quotes that reflect how I'm feeling at that moment. Sometimes putting your mind on paper is the best cure and the most soothing craft of all. Every morning has a different feeling and even when I'm not in the mood or just haven't got the strength to get my sketch pad out i have to. I have to make it a priority because I know that I always feel deep in my feelings when I illustrate and with that create magic spontaneously.

Push yourself at the start of the day, even if it's something you aren't even skilfully good at you have to open your mind. Whether it be fitness, art, singing or hobbies which enable you to release your senses. That's the start to a beautiful day.

Jade lauriceComment