East Sundays


Sunday.. my favourite day of the week. Usually spent having a few beers with friends and strolling around the best parts of London. Today was no different and my outfit reflected this laid back day. The weather was beautiful so I got out the legs and threw on a few of my new favourite staple pieces.  



Still keeping my jacket as the main attraction I paired my new flatform lace ups with some fishnets and an oversized tee. Red is sometimes hard to style up with other colours but got away with the beige in the shoes which so happened to be the same colour as the leather sheaves on my varsity jacket. During the sunny day the varsity jacket was perfect slouched over my shoulders and then easily transitioned in the evening worn fully on. I'm pretty sure most own a varsity jacket or standard bomber and so have I, but never quite at this quality 



Jacket | Grand Ave  

Tshirt | Hidden cult  

Shoes | Guanticlo 

fish knets | Pretty Little Thing  



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