Today the weather was terrible, rain rain rain and more rain. I wasn't standing defeated so grabbed my comfiest clothes and headed out for a lovely breakfast at bills restaurant in West London. Breakfast was lovely; eggs, toast, black pudding the whole works. Nothings more satisfying this time of year than warm food in a morning. Naughty week day treat but it set me off for the day.

A simpler outfit than usual but recently i've been throwing the warmest things on in a morning and working with a lot of layers to keep myself warm when out and about. I had no eye makeup on so I put on my shades but other than that it wasn't very sunny. Honestly the shirt around the waist was to keep my legs warm along with the several layers. Onepiece sent me this simple black hoody with a thick texture and the cosiest inner layer. Its so soft I've been living in it for weeks and fundamentally I feel like everyone needs a simple black hoody like this in their life. I paired this with some simple black jeans, my favourite fur coat, a vintage khaki shirt and black sock boots.


Details |

Fur coat- faux fur from vintage shop

Jumper- Onepiece clothing

Jeans- Primark

Boots- SimmiShoes

Shades- Ebay bargain

Shirt- Charity shop

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